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Ok Reviews 02/20/2012
Nothing special, chicken didnt taste that great. the Delivery driver was 20 minutes early than the time specified, so the food was a little on the lukewarm side. I'll honestly never order from here again. Roland, ordered 115 times
Bad Reviews 12/27/2011
I had the General Tso chicken, streamed rice and BBQ pork. The pork was really dry and unappetizing. The chicken was a step above Safeways deli General Tso. It was edible but not very good for the price. Scott, ordered 137 times
Great Reviews 05/25/2011
the vegetable fried rice was amazing. couldn't stop eating it. k, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 10/23/2010
Fast service and great food! Laura, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 10/07/2010
Listen I have ordered from here several times ... I always get my food in the advertised time, it is always hot, and good ... It is a Chinese delivery, not 5 star restaurant ... I recommend it ... Joseph, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 09/17/2010
Sorry to say that the stale fortune cookie (soft, yes, soft!) was probably the best part of the meal. Our online instructions weren't followed, and the quality of the mongolian beef, and potstickers was NOT good. Still looking for great Chinese in W. Seattle. Julie, ordered 2 times
Bad Reviews 07/07/2010
The food is acceptable, but delivery is very slow and extremely unreliable. The advertised 40-60 minute delivery time is more accurately 90-120. They suck ass! Aaron, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 05/07/2010
GREAT !!! LOVED IT SOOO MUCH Rick, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 04/16/2010
Ordered without reading other reviews and think I lucked out. Made an order and then was called by the restaurant within 5-10 minutes letting me know that I'm outside the delivery zone, so instead of free delivery, I would be charged $5. I canceled the order, but am giving a bad review b/c my address should show the fee within the checkout process. Is the fault of the website, not the restaurant. Phil, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 02/05/2010
This restaurant is a timeless legend in West Seattle. The best Chicken Chow Mein in the whole world. Their Almond Chicken is especially delicious and I fantasize about living in their neighborhood so I could eat there more often. Good Bar also that serves strong drinks with nice lively clientelle. Thoroughly recommend this long time icon of culinary delight to anyone. Thanks very much. I thought their delivery service was always quick and the food was always still very warm. They never once messed up my order or forgot anything. Outstanding delivery service every time. But I always tip the driver well, also. Cameron, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 02/01/2010
forgot my hot sour soup for the 3rd time...... michael, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 12/23/2009
West Seattle has a ton of restaurants better than this and even the biggest craving for Chinese food would be sadly left unsatisfied. Don't waste your hard earned cash... jessica, ordered 15 times
Bad Reviews 07/30/2009
no flavor to food richard, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 07/23/2009
This is OK if one of you is ill and one has a broken leg, and you're hungry. Well, so long as you get nothing but the plainest food. The fried rice was acceptable--I could eat it--but it's hard to screw up fried rice. The pot stickers were inedible. Nice delivery guy, awful food. Would have been better off paying the guy to come to the house and pick up some canned soup along the way. It's impressive, really. I think this is the worst Chinese food I've ever had. Christa, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 05/19/2009
I've ordered a number of times from Yen Wor - not because they serve good food (far from it), but because they're the only Chinese delivery I'm aware of in my area of West Seattle. I have now waited for two hours to get the sweet and sour sauce for the pork we ordered. I'm giving up after talking with them twice over the phone. I should have gone to Safeway and saved myself $30 - the food is of the same quality, anyway. SIMPLY AWFUL IN EVERY WAY. Robert, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 02/12/2009
Horrible! Horrible! Complete waste of time & money! Hadn't eaten there in long time - driving there from the other side of West Seattle. The "prawns" were miniature shrimps and there were only about 6 in the huge container otherwise filled with mostly chopped onions. Beef with broccoli and sesame chicken were really bad pot roast and fried chicken and gravy. Not even close to "American Chinese" food! Melissa, ordered 1 times
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This is a very old school Chinese restaurant. If you're expecting a printed placemat with the Chinese calendar of years that tell you what animals apply,... read more...
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We ordered from this place because it appeared to be the only Chinese delivery in West Seattle. Unfortunately, the Dumplings and honey walnut chicken were... read more...
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Fried rice was excellent and so much for only $10. Add a couple egg rolls and you can feed 2 adults for less than $30. read more...
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